The St Ives garden studio

I had to have a bit of a tidy up in the garden studio last month as things had got a little out of hand! This tends to happen after the build up to a show or exhibition when time is limited.  Anyway I though I would share with you some pictures of my workspace while is was reasonably tidy & organised!



On occasion one of the cats will join me in the studio - usually if it is feeding time!  Although we have 4 cats it is normally Taboo (shown here) or Timmy that comes in. Generally I am making too much noise for them to stay very long.


The garden itself is looking rather lush too at the moment with the gunnera & fatsia taking over the front of the studio.  These were planted not long after we moved in so they have grown considerably in 9 years!  We also have quite a collection of lovely succulents which of course love the mild climate here in St Ives.  I'm afraid the hostas in the pots at the front have already been munched. we have had a badger visit the garden recently but obviously the slug & snail banquet was too much for them this time.


I am sure the space will need reorganising again before too long after a period of making. It always feels much better have a bit of a spruce up!  Although of course it is a 'creative mess'!

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