Pricing update...


We just wanted to explain why there will be an increase in our prices this month.  After running our small business for 30 years we have now reached the VAT threshold! This is a double edged sword as obviously it means that the business is doing well at the moment but it also means extra admin work!  We will now have to add a further 20% to all our prices. This of course does not go to us...we just pass it on to HMRC.

We try really hard to keep our work reasonably priced & affordable.  This has become more difficult recently with the cost of materials creeping up especially metal both precious & non-precious.  Moving to the new gallery has been brilliant but the expenses are higher of course.

Hopefully you will still feel our work is worth investing in & you are supporting an independent UK businesses.  We appreciate all of our customers, some of whom have been encouraging for many years & some have only recently discovered our work.  

Thank you

Sharon & Tim 



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