Mark making with natural objects

Last month the prompt for the #365dailycreate project was 'Mark making with natural objects'.  This one seemed to challenge some of the participants initially but they all seemed to create some interesting things over the month.

Due to my other work commitments I actually did not work on this on a daily basis like I would normally, instead I spent an afternoon in the studio & did the pieces all in one go.

The first stage was making some natural 'brushes' using things around or from the garden.

I used feathers, dried leaves, bark type material, stems, seed heads & of course some seaweed!

I selected a limited number of ink colours which I watered down (i'm not sure why!? - to save ink possibly) which gave quite subtle marks.

It was very enjoyable to work with these ephemeral materials.  Some of the marks would have been very difficult to create with a regular paintbrush.  I am not sure yet what I will do with the 31 papers I made but I am sure they will appear in some sketch book or become a  collage in some way in the future.


The prompt for November is 'Painting on wood'. I have not been able to make a start yet as it's been busy with orders & the Makers fair however I have a little space this week to get going!  I have decided that I will step down from the #365dailycreate project next year in my attempt to free up some time. There will not be another exhibition of this work in 2023 unfortunately but some of the members may take up the initiative & continue in some way.

I will still strive to be creative everyday in some form!






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