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Back Road Artworks is a cooperative gallery/studio space in the heart of St Ives actually in a former fish mongers!  I joined this group of artists in September 2019 as an outlet to exhibit my paintings & more of my wall pieces (space being limited in our Drill Hall gallery).  This was a good move as I have met lots of customers, other artists & sold a good selection of work through the gallery.

Image of Back Road Artworks sign above the door

There are 7 artists involved & we each steward at the gallery one day a week (of course during normal times!) which means we are usually open 7 days a week throughout the year.  My usual day is a Monday although we sometimes swap with each other if we have commitments - great flexibility.

Image of paintings in progress by Sharon McSwiney in St Ives

The studio/gallery space has room to paint while you are there so we each keep a little stash of materials available. I tend to work in sketch books on my stewarding days as they are easier to stop start if busy with visitors.  I also think it is interesting for people to see artists' sketchbooks as they are so often the starting point for other, much larger, works.

Image of Back Road Artworks gallery in St Ives, painting on a easel

Currently we have a vacancy at the gallery for another artist to join the collective in St Ives.

If you are you know anyone who might be interested send a CV & 6 images of recent work to by 28th February.  Obviously we are unsure at the present time when we will be able to open the gallery again to visitors but hopefully not too far away!? 



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