#365dailycreate exhibition in St Ives

12th - 18th February 2022 at the Crypt Gallery, St Ives

In January 2021 I created a small private group on Facebook & invited other artists & friends to take part.  As this was not on public view, only shared between the group, there was no pressure to make ‘works of art’!  It was just for fun & so enjoyable to connect & see what each participant was all up to?

A list of ‘prompts’ was supplied with 2 ideas per month to choose from giving a loose starting point for the theme.

Towards the end of 2021 we began to think we needed to share this body of work with a wider audience so the idea of this exhibition started to evolve.  Some of us have never shown our work to the public before & it is an exciting opportunity to meet & discuss ideas with other creative people & visitors to St Ives.

The exhibition includes a selection of work by 10 of the participants, some from St Ives & others further afield.  Not all are professional or full time artists but all found the experience of a daily creative endeavour to be a really positive experience.

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