Successful Exhibition at the St Ives Arts Club

Last week was my second solo show at the St Ives Arts Club. The week long exhibition included all aspects of my current practice including jewellery, metalwork, artwork & greetings cards.

I set up a temporary work station so I could produce some pieces while I was at the event. Visitors were then able to get an insight into my making processes. I had prepared various small items in readiness for the week. It is always a slight challenge to make things outside of your own studio (I often forget something crucial!) but I do think it adds to the exhibition.

The exhibition opened on Saturday 15th February which was a rather stormy day with Ciara deciding to put in an appearance! I really thought I would not see any visitors that day but several brave souls came along (well protected in waterproofs!) Sunday was better weather so more people were out and about exploring St Ives.

Throughout the week I received over 300 visitors who were very positive about my work & display. There is a lot of preparation involved when doing a show & so it makes it all worth while when you get good feed back and of course some sales!

Time for a couple of days breather then I will be back making stock for my galleries and shows this year.

I will be returning to the Arts Club again in the not too distant future…exhibiting with Alison Dupernex we are hosting ‘Catch the Wave’ from 30th May to 5th June 2020. A further show is also planned for October this year.

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