Sketchbook explorations

Over the years I have created a variety of sketchbooks in different formats. Here is a little insight into some of my recent projects, doodles, mark making & ideas….

Several years ago I started to complete a drawing a day. I had found that I was no longer drawing for pleasure only if I was designing something or working on a commission piece. I feel it is important to keep drawing even if you don’t think the drawings are ‘any good’ or do not serve any purpose if you keep at it you will get better! Often I will complete these illustrations at the end of the end on the sofa in front of the tv! Sometimes they will relate to something I have seen during that day but quite often just something out of my head!

As I carry these sketchbooks around with me every day I like them to be light weight to carry! My favourite is usually a Moleskine plain paper book. The paper is not too thick & the books come in different size options. Sometimes the colours will bleed through onto the back of the pages which can create some interesting effects!

More recently these sketchoobks have developed into more of a ‘journal’ a place for notes & ideas with some details of daily activities…

I find it really useful to refer back to these often to remind myself of ideas I may have forgotten about!

On occasion I take part in monthly art prompt projects….as I have mentioned before in previous posts I do like having the daily discipline to create ‘something’. Often these projects involve other creative friends so it is nice to share what we have done & see the different approaches we all take. These small postcard size mini works I made into small sketchbooks.

Another monthly project was simple drawings limited to 5 minutes each day. This allowed a very quick illustration to be completed from the daily prompt. This would sometimes force us to ‘think outside of the box’ for our ideas!

Some of the other sketchbooks are more experimental, mark making & mixed media ideas. These are enjoyable because of the freedom of creating pages which do not have to represent anything – to just enjoy the process of working in a loose way.

Below you can see a couple of videos of completed sketchbooks of this type…they may become inspiration for larger paintings but they were enjoyable to create anyway. Usually a daily painting using acrylic, inks, wax, crayons & pens.

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