Seaweed landscapes

A selection of my latest metalwork created during lock down. Seaweed fronds in copper & brass with etched sea creatures. The varied colours are achieved with a combination of heat, fluxes & acrylic effects.

During the past few weeks my creativity has fluctuated like the weather! Some days I’ve been happy to hammer & solder away in my studio & others I have lacked the enthusiastic energy I normally have for making (which is not like me at all!). However I have completed several of my larger metalwork pieces which I thought I would share with you.

The crab etching was a new motif I added last year. Initially I wasn’t sure if people would like them as they are a bit ‘spiky’ but they have been a big hit! I think the flux gives a particularity good effect on the brass or copper making it quite representative of a real crab shell.

I have started to add some of the sea creatures to the wreaths now too. In the past I have just stuck to the seaweed pieces on these – I’m not sure why really!? I suppose I was thinking they could them be displayed in any direction. I have a couple of examples of these for sale in my shop

Before we relocated to Cornwall, over 7 years ago now how time flies!, my metalwork was based on lots of leaves & bird designs. It was still very much inspired by nature but less of a coastal influence being based in Worcestershire! I do still create some of these pieces especially as in ‘normal’ times I would be exhibiting in that area. We are lucky enough to have a nice garden here in St Ives surrounded by established hedges & trees so we have regular visitors of wrens, goldfinches & blue tits for inspiration.

Currently most of these pieces are available for purchase. Our Drill Hall gallery is not open at the moment (hopefully in August!) but I have work on display at my other outlet in St Ives; Back Road Artworks. A co-operative artist run space which I became involved with last September. I steward at the gallery on Mondays.

I also have work at the Guild of Ten in Truro & when the Cornwall Crafts Association gallery reopens soon at Trelissick Gardens too.

Prices range from £120 to £345 for the seaweed pieces. Bird & leaf scrolls £185 – £275. This week I have also added some smaller metalwork to my shop

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