I use a variety of sketch books to develop my ideas.  I aim to do a daily drawing so carry a sketchbook with me at all times.  These sketches are sometimes very quick but I find it is a good habit to have & often will inspire further ideas.  More involved sketchbooks are sometime collections of papers & surfaces created on larger scale papers but then cut up & collaged into smaller works.

I enjoy creating colours, patterns & images which are not necessarily going to be used for anything – just for the joy of being creative on a daily basis.  Most of my pieces start with a design on paper however work always develops as I am making, even though I have been creating jewellery & metalwork for nearly 30 years I still make new discoveries & am excited by the processes I use.

  • Daily Drawing A selection of pages from my Drawing a Day sketchbooks
  • Pebbles Example of sketches done for inspiration. I particularly like 'stones with holes'!
  • Collage Work A sketchbook of collaged papers with lots of texture
  • Bird Illustration Sketchbook page with bird design from a visit to A La Ronde