New St Ives gull greetings cards

Visitors to our St Ives gallery will know we have a range of greetings cards some of which feature humorous designs of naughty gulls! These prove to be very popular with visitors and locals alike. Most people have had an ‘encounter’ with a gull at some point!

There are various occasion designs for new home, wedding, baby etc but we have now extended the collection with some further birthday designs & some suitable for anyone with a sense of humour…

We often hear stories of people loosing their ice creams or pasties within seconds of buying them. Not good but you can’t help be impressed with the skill of the birds!

A few years ago there was a TV programme about gull behaviour. They did various experiments with real & plastic food to see if they could trick the gulls? They were very clever and were not fooled by the artificial chips! They also discovered that it is not the whole population of gulls in St Ives that make the attacks but just a small group who had learnt the behaviour!

All we can suggest to avoid loosing your ice cream treat or pasty is either do not eat outside (difficult at the moment with current restrictions!) or make sure you have your back to a wall as most attacks come from behind! Also beware of some gulls working together & using distraction techniques! Remember they are beautiful birds & are a protected species.

These designs are currently only available from our St Ives store which is still closed temporary. If you would like to purchase any do get in touch as they are easy to pop in the post (free delivery at the moment too!) The cards are priced at £2 each.

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