Lovely limpet jewellery handcrafted in Cornwall

Beach combing in Cornwall

I have been collecting limpets from the beautiful beaches of Cornwall for many years now. I have several displays of varying sizes of limpet shells mostly with the tops missing.  I find these particular shells very sculptural. Favourite beaches for my limpet searching are Marazion & Long Rock.  These are used as the starting point for some of my jewellery pieces.

Display of limpets collected from Cornish beaches
A collection of limpets

The lost wax casting process….

Once I have selected a special shell I start the process of converting it into precious metal.  The actual limpet shell is used as a ‘master’ to create a rubber mould.  The limpets are then made in wax which are exact replicas of the shells.  These are then invested in plaster, the wax is melted out & you are left with a casting void.  The molten metal is then put into the plaster to create the silver versions.  When cool the plaster is washed off & you are left with the silver limpets!

Once I have a series of limpets I start to create my jewellery on my workbench combining the cast pieces with silver wire formed into loops.  These are used to link the pieces together to make my ‘loopy limpet’ range of necklaces and bracelets.  Some examples of these can be seen on my Etsy site.


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