Light up your Christmas table

Handcrafted metalwork bespoke seaweed candle holders

Handmade metalwork seaweed with seahorseI’ve been working on new designs recently…with Christmas on the way it’s that time of year for twinkling lights & warm candlelight.  The seaweed t-lights cast beautiful shadows with flickering patterns. Each piece is unique & crafted by hand.  Etched metalwork fronds of copper & brass are silver soldered together & formed into ‘cradles’ to hold a glass candle holder.  Patina is applied to each surface using flux, applied heat & acrylic colours representing the seaweed found on the Cornish coast.  The inspiration for these pieces was originally found on Marazion beach.

Working in my garden studio in St Ives, on the old workbench made by my gran dad nearly over 25 years ago, I create each t-light individually.  These pieces are exclusively available direct from me at the Drill Hall shop or retail fairs in the run up to the Festive season.

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