June catch up!

Hello there….I thought it was about time I let you know what I have been up too the past few weeks! Also to let you know of our plans during the next month or so….

We obviously had to take the sad decision to close our Drill Hall premises under the Government guidelines back in March (seems so long ago now…) along with my other outlets The Guild of Ten in Truro and Back Road Artworks also in St Ives until it is safe to reopen.

Although the Government is now stating that non-essential shops are able to re-open from June 15th we feel we will be unable to start again from that date due to the small nature of our premises and the entrance to the Drill Hall being narrow & not straight forward. Added to the fact that until visitors are welcomed back into the town the footfall is extremely small. It is going to take some time before people feel confident to go out and about again. We will monitor the situation and review week by week….

So during this strange time what have we been doing with all that TIME!?

Lots of plans to tidy, sort, redecorate, organise of course – some of which have been done but the list never seems to get any shorter! I am in the lucky position that my studio is in the garden so I have been able to have access to that as and when.

However the creativity has not always been flowing…as several of my fellow artistic friends have also said it has not been easy to stay motivated. I discovered early on during ‘lockdown’ that I still needed to try and make something each day to feel I wasn’t ‘wasting time’ after all we were not on holiday! This has worked most of the time & although I have not really developed any new work I have been able to make some of my current ranges of sea inspired pieces.

My next plan (which I keep adding to my lists!) is to try to have more pieces available to purchase online….in fact today I have been selecting & photographing pieces for an online event in aid of Cancer Research UK via the St Just Committee. This should be going live in the next few days. I have signed up for a Design Trust workshop this month which will hopefully give me the insight into better online selling…I will keep you posted!

As pretty much all of my 2020 events have been cancelled thus far I really feel online will be the place to reach people with my work – not everyone will be able to get down to St Ives of course so I’m going to do my best to help by offering a wider selection of jewellery & metalwork via the web.

We are extremely lucky to live in such a beautiful & inspiring place of course. We have enjoyed some fabulous weather, empty beaches, fab beach combing & coastal walks all within reach of our house.

We also have a reasonable size garden in which we are growing some of our own veggies & watching the wildlife. A gull (we have named ‘Bert’) has been taking advance of any cat food left outside for a regular ‘stray’ cat visitor. We have put up a bird feeder – which of course had to be out of reach of the cats, the jackdaws have taken real advantage of the fat balls – sometimes 3 of them spinning around at once! The smaller birds then take their turn.

I have continued to work in daily sketchbooks and I am taking part in the #100daysproject which you can see on my Instagram feed/stories….

Here’s hoping you are well and we will be able to return to something a little more ‘normal’ by the autumn? Currently the Autumn Show at Malvern has not yet been cancelled but we feel it is unlikely to happen…our next exhibition at the St Ives Arts Club is booked for October so fingers crossed that may be able to happen…if not it will next year!


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