Catch the Wave exhibition underway at the St Ives Arts Club this week

After the dramatic weather of Storm Alex on Friday while setting up it felt quite appropriate that we had called our exhibition ‘Catch the Wave’!

This was the view from the window upstairs in the theatre…you could feel the building ‘shudder’ with each wave that crashed into the Arts Club!

Alison was unable to be at the set up so it was down to me to do the display on Friday. I had collected some work from her last weekend so I had enough to make an interesting exhibition. I was really pleased with the colour combinations as everything sat together really well… Alison then joined me on Saturday for the rest of the event.

We had decided to base the work displayed on pieces inspired by the sea so lots of blues, turquoise & green tones. However there are also some more vibrant colours which reflect well with the copper in my work particularly. We are always amazed at how well our work sits together – such totally different mediums. I guess it has something to do with the shared inspiration; the love of Cornwall!

The exhibition will be open daily all this week with a possibility of extending into next week too as the club is no longer booked immediately after our show. We will see how the visitor numbers are this week then decide?

St Ives does still have lots of people around which is great for the town. We have heard that bookings are pretty full right up to Christmas so at least there is something positive to the doom & gloom of Covid-19!

If you are unable to visit and would like any further details about any of the work please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or Alison.

‘Catch the Wave’ takes continues this week 10am to 4pm daily at the St Ives Arts Club free entry & all the necessary safety measures in place.

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