Beach combing bounty on Cornish shores…

Over the past few months it has been so lovely to explore the beaches looking for treasure. This is something I have always enjoyed doing anyway but during the ‘lock-down’ there has been more opportunities and less people obviously.

Most of the time it has been the St Ives beaches particularly Porthmeor which have given the greatest number of pieces. Usually in May I would be too busy making or exhibiting at shows to have the luxury of so much time to spend on the beach!

My favourite finds are of course still the lovely limpets! I cannot resist picking them up. I have quite a huge collection now. I’m currently exploring the use of actual shells combined with silver so may find another use for them rather than just casting a select few…

I have decided to recreate a couple of Marazion finds in silver a some point. As I already have quite a few variations in my jewellery collection any new additions need to be sufficiently different from any of the others.

This example I think will make a great statement neck piece! I love the textures on the surface. The pieces I find are always reproduced without any interference from me – I do not alter the shells.

I use the lost wax casting process to make the silver versions – more on this another time!

I also collect some of the beach glass. I don’t plan to use that in my jewellery but love the soft colours. These fragments are popped into one of my old Kilner jars full of various collections of found objects.

I love the colour variations you can find in these little periwinkle shells…the yellow ones are my favourite though!

One of the other new jewellery ideas is to incorporate some of the textured fragments of shells found after casting them in silver.

I really like the spotty textures on the sea urchin small pieces found…

To find a cowrie shell is always a ‘top find’ as they are so small it is often easy to miss them. These ones were from Marazion the other week but during May we found an amazing amount of them on Porthmeor. These have their own ‘special jar’!

This was a very exciting find for me the other week! A piece of patinated copper…slightly covered by pebbles but the distinct verdigris was shining out to me.

This piece has taken pride of place in the house!

I so enjoy the unpredictability of beach combing. You never know what will be washed up or uncovered by the tide? I always have a little bag with me just in case…and my pockets are of course usually covered with a sprinkling of sand!

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  1. Rhoda

    What a lovely and interesting read. Your finds Sharon are great. So clever to be able to cast them. I have been known to put my finds in an odd mosaic.

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