Another #100days completed…

On the 1st of April this year I started another #100daysproject. In 2019 I took part for the first time in this daily creative project completing 100 small collage pieces. The idea being to create a small artwork everyday for 100 days! These were then shared on my Instagram feed.

100 days is of course a long time! This year it was made slightly easier due to ‘lockdown’ meaning more time was available for such things (in theory!) One of the hardest parts is actually choosing a theme/idea for your project? Eventually I thought I would do #100daysofpatterns which would be quite varied & I could use a selection of different materials. To make it manageable I stuck to a small postcard size of a mixture of water colour paper, card, grey & black papers. To have a slight theme I decided to keep the palette limited to black, white & grey tones. I used a mix of acrylic paint, inks, pens, pencils, wax & crayon.

Each day I would try to vary the idea so that the pieces did not all become too similar but of course some of my favourite motifs did appear in various forms…circles, arches, loops & leaves!

I would endeavour to actually create the piece on the day & most of the time managed to do so only occasionally having to catch up with a couple of days for one reason or another. I do like to try to do something creative every day no matter how small!

Last year I did not see the whole collection displayed together until my exhibition at the St Ives Arts Club. Visitors really seemed to enjoy looking at the display & the idea behind the work. I think it may have inspired a few school/college projects too!? The aim is to do a similar thing again this October in my forthcoming exhibition with Alison Dupernex once again the the St Ives Arts Club. To see the full 100 mini artworks together creates an interesting visual display.

Each day I would share the image on my Instagram story feed & also to a group on Facebook I set up with some friends who were also taking part. Some of the images are saved to my Instagram feed – check out the heading #100daysproject there are also some of the 2019 collage images available too…

I fully intend to come up with another version of this next year. I usually start on April 1st but there is no reason why the project couldn’t start at any time of the year….1st Jan, 1st Sept??? I think I will wait until 2021 before I start another one though! Maybe I have inspired you to start your own #100daysproject???

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