Metalwork Panels

Leafy wall panel

Triple Falling Leaves Panel
Copper & Brass

Unique decorative wall hangings produced in copper & brass.  Every section is individually created using a variety of techniques including etching, embossing, hammering, fusing & soldering.  Further embellishment is added through the heating process; patina & oxides develop during making.

Available in a variety of sizes or can be commissioned to suit your interior.

My recent work features etched leaves with earthy rich colours; warm reds, oranges & gold.  More abstract designs are inspired by textiles, Ethnic art & occasionally include found objects.

Alternative colours available are bronzed/brown & gold or soft verdigris finish.

Copper & Brass Wall Piece

Wren & Oak Leaf Wall Piece
Copper & Brass

Leafy Metalwork

This work has developed over the last few years to enable me to work in a freer style.  The pieces are not pre-designed but evolve from the etched motifs available, the curves & scrolls formed in the copper rods & wires and again the heating process develops the colours/patinas.

Inspired by the birds which visit my feeders at the studio I have now introduced wrens & blue-tits to the foliage.  I intend to expand upon this collection of natural motifs.

These pieces can be made to commission too & larger scale work can be undertaken.

Small Metalwork

I also produce a range of smaller scale metalwork in copper & brass, from individual leaves to small ‘Love Bird’ plaques plus a collection of Christmas decorations.

Birds Wall Hanging

Garden Sticks

Some of my designs I have translated into  Garden Sticks which can be purely decorative or could be used as a plant support (particularly useful for orchids).  These have been etched in either copper or brass, then soldered together on a sturdy brass rod.  They range in size from 45cm to 50cm tall. Some of the pieces have been treated to verdigris the surface.

Metalwork Garden Decorations

Assorted Metal Garden Sticks
Copper & Brass

Etching Artwork Detail Drawing Metal Dove Christmas Decoration  Metal Leaf decorations Butterfly Garden Stick   Cat Metalwork Decorations Birds Wall Hanging

Wren & Ivy in Copper & Brass Drawing artwork Garden Sticks